Activities and Inspirations
Making Reality More Magical and the Magical Far More Real
Launching Evolution 2.0

Launching Evolution 2.0

Vtew of the Neighborhood

A New Eden of Art, Health and Gaian Consciousness in India's Most Romantic Land

Shrines to the Body Electric

Shrines to the Body Electric

Provoking Wonder, Awe and Hope

New Dimensions in Fusion, Cultural Synergy and Improvisational Virtuosity

Healing Green Energies

Healing Green Energies

Amplifying healing powers

Opening New Channels of Awareness between Spirit, Earth and Heart

Reconjoining Ag & Nature

Reconjoining Ag & Nature

The world in a grain of sand

Nourishing our Soils, Health and Sensual Re-evolution

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Udaipur Shakti Works
Come Help us Build a New Eden of Co-Creation PDF Print E-mail

A New Project Paradigm to Wed Performance Virtuosity,
Healing Energies and Green Values into a Contagious Sensual Model for the World. 

Our Tactics are Epiphany, Education and Old-fashioned PR
Gypsy Inspirations
A school/performance centre that provokes artists with traditional
prowess to creative virtuosity and improvisational surprise. Goddess Inspirations
A clinic/practice centre that exploits and intensifies healing energies
with meditative arts, gifted body work and ancient herbal lore.
Gaian Inspirations
An eco-park/green solutions center that celebrates organic wisdom, brilliant
tech, and the elevating sensual rewards of simple sustainable ways of life  

In other words, we plan to harness the pleasure principle, the survival
instinct, and our congenital lust to grow until we trigger the untapped
evolutionary potential that we have outsourced for too long.
Re Gaia, click here or indeed anywhere...

Udaipur: Virtues of the Neighborhood

Many gratzis to the Indophilic genius horde at flickr.com - check pic titles for creator's flickr name...
Touching tales from the neighborhood PDF Print E-mail

Filmed in Udaipur by a Canadian student group a few years back, this lovely little film shows the town through the eyes of struggling youth and the opportunities we have to change their lives.

For more on the "Directors of Change" crew's work in other lands, see their youtube channel here.



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