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Global Warming/Wilding from the Ozan Layer

Pepe among the sadhusAs of April 8, 2013 Pepe Ozan became our first, hopefully last and terribly missed post-mortem adviser, a manic artesian genius whose spirit lives on with us today. Argentinean-born Pepe was a renowned sculptor, designer, ethno-videographer and originator of the Burning Man Operas . Since 1975 Pepe worked in San Francisco in production and direction for "Unity Fair", Theater Artaud, Noh Oratorio Society, Intersection for the Arts, Mission Cultural Center and "Theater for the New City". Starting in 1994 he created a series of increasingly magnificent operatic spectacles and their accompanying architecture that helped define the evolution of Burning Man.

Pepe also co-founded Artnetwork Productions, an award winning independent film company focused on the documentation of ancient, indigenous and nomadic peoples and the development of projects promoting urgent preservation of vanishing cultures and the environment. In 2001 he spent 7 months in India filming "Ganga Ma: A Pilgrimage to the Source", a haunting study of India's most sacred river and the people who physically and spiritually depend upon her. He returned for another 7 months in 2002 to create "Jaisalmer Ayo - Gateway of the Gypsies," a critically acclaimed study of Rajasthan's rich nomadic cultures that seeded the global Romany diaspora and remain a powerful artistic influence in India today. In 2012 Pepe  returned to India to finish shooting his last film (on Hinduism, which his brother is now completing);  and give us some succulent ideas for Udaipur Shakti Works' design.

Click here for an intimate and revealing conversation with the master himself.