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Our Mission is Experiential Transformation

To transform our experience of artistic creation.
To transform our experience of healing power.
To transform our experience of living in the world.
In sum to transform consciousness for a new evolutionary course.

Our Strategy is Creative Contagion
To gather masters, geniuses and virtuosos (recognized or not) in sensually exciting
locales until a critical mass is reached and spontaneous combustion occurs.
To expose the public to the magic and visions that are ignited either
up close and personal or in media reflections from afar.

Our Organization
USW is now a collaborative project between Big Medicine, a US/Japan green think tank/project developer, Udaipur's newly formed Big Medicine Charitable Trust, and Catalyst India Pvt Ltd, proprietor of the project land. Together they are creating a new so-called "Section 25" non-profit corporation to manage USW cultural, educational and environmental activities from 2010 on.


Under Indian law, Section 25 corporations combine the operational structure and reporting requirements of private sector companies, but engage in socially beneficial activities and do not distribute profits and can therefore grant donors and foundations government-sanctioned tax exemption certificates. Given India's typical bureaucratic velocity, the state and federal formalities should take 6~9 months, so our non-profit status should be fully operational by summer 2009.

USW's media related activities - original show production, recording studio operations, film/music distribution, etc. - will be consigned to a concurrent, transparently managed for-profit entity to encourage outside investment and maximize returns to the artists involved.