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Bhanu Bharti

A graduate from National School of Drama, Bhanu has directed more than 70 plays in his eventful 40-year theatrical journey. To augment his deep grounding in Indian traditional and contemporary theatre, he joined University of Tokyo to study the traditional theatre of Japan. He has also spent many years studying the life and ritualistic art of the Bheel tribe of Mewar region of Rajasthan. Working with Bheel performers, he produced "Pashu Gayatri", a Malayalam play, which was widely hailed as an imaginative masterpiece. "Working with tribals is a unique experience. There I am no director; they are not actors... I went there for my own education. I unlearnt what I have learnt in drama school and university.. My interaction with Bheels has opened up a whole world of fascinating rituals and their living connection with the community."

Bhanu has occupied several prestigious positions in the field of dramatic art: Head of the Drama Department of Rajasthan University, Director of the Delhi Shri Ram Centre for Art and Culture, and chairman of Rajasthan Sangeet Natak Akademi. He has been honoured by several prominent cultural bodies for his contributions to the intercultural enrichment of Indian theatre.  See more about his extraordinary achievements at