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Mariyo-sanEver since she first won recognition as a 3-year-old artistic prodigy in Japan's leading national newspapers, Mariyo Yagi has blazed a brilliant and original trail through the aesthetic landscape of our world. Through her writings, designs and spectacular and/or soulful environmental monuments, Mariyo has given bold new dimensions and a fresh philosophy to the concept of public art. Though expert in the use of water, stone and earthworks, nawa or rope is her medium and metaphor of choice. In Mariyo's eye and hands, nawa re-presents the most critical themes of existence - unity from diversity, the conjugated strength of singular achievements in traditions' continuity, and the spirals of semi-sentient energy that inform reality and reduplicate from DNA helixes to galactic swirls.  

Mariyo-san is not only a sage and visual poet, she is also a scholar, licensed landscape engineer and skilled construction contractor who personally directs creation of her most monumental works.  In Udaipur she will be collaborating with Masaki Ueshima et al to craft a living environment that offers sanctuary, insight and a sensually provocative surround.
Polar AxisRope Rampant
Stone Falls

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