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Our five literally conspiratorial and pretty unassailable reasons for this work...

 1) Our crises are multiplying because we've lost our evolutionary way.
The corporate world has hijacked the persuasive power of our most influential guides. Our media, popular culture and education systems all now spread the gospel of competitive consumption that demeans green values and self-discovery and glorifies outsourcing our most primal avenues to growth.

2) We need to quickly transcend our current habits of mind if our world is to survive.
- The fastest way to change consciousness is not by writing or preaching or even wise teaching, but by provoking exhilarating experiences that illumine vital truths that people can feel and recognize themselves. To effectively defend the magic of creation, nature, or even human health we have to occasionally experience it quite personally and find ways to spread and share its wonder to change our evolutionary course.

3) Creative conspiracies* among gifted artists, healers and green visionaries can
   help generate and propagate the new enlightening experiences we need.

- A passionate interactive community of virtuosos, healing masters and environmental sages could ignite new ways to experience and communicate the sacred promise of the world, and strengthen our collective potential for more creative evolution as well as eco-somatic self-defense.

4) Such collaborative creativity can be inexpensive, enticing and self-supporting, and thus widely replicable.
- Inspired artists, sensitive healers and astute environmentalists - these three flavors of genius are still all around us and can be enlisted to collaborate in any culture in the world. With thoughtful design and a critical mass of proven talent, such a community could be sensually exciting, spiritually moving and economically self-sustaining, and thus an attractive model for adaptation anywhere.

5) Experiential transformation is not a miracle to be awaited, but a revolution we can help ignite.

- As Einstein observed, the same thinking that created our crises will not help us escape their peril. We need new patterns of thought and experience to generate such change, and harnessing the creative power and environmental wisdom we have at hand could provide a crucial key.

*Reclaiming Conspiracy's Democratic, Earth-Protective Power
In feudal Europe artisan society chants induced a conspiration or breathing together that could also entrain the group's heartbeats and ultimately neural rhythms until the individuals psychically fused and experienced a sacred power. Monks chanting in temples, shrines or chapels are taught to ascribe such numinous feelings to their official deity, but craftspeople gripped by that rapture in a barn or field can feel the sacredness that exists everywhere and feel a bit divine themselves. At least they felt divine enough to sense the reality of human equality and the big lie of "god-given" aristocracy and hierarchic power. This egalitarian intuition spawned powerful hungers for democracy and a marked decline in docile obedience, which earned "conspiracy" or breathing together an evil reputation in every establishment dictionary from then on.

The seditious technique persisted, however, from the age of the ancient masons through the Renaissance and Reformation right up to more modern times when America's Knights of Labor championed racial parity, sexual equality and economic democracy at the end of 19th century. True to authoritarian lexical fears, these conspiring Knights led the revolt against robber baron domination of the economy and governance, and helped ignite the vast reform movements that characterized the populist era. Given our current resurgence of corporate harm and ruthlessness, isn't it about time to rediscover the inspiring force of conspirational epiphanies and reclaim this primeval and proven technology as a fount of people's power?