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Swami Rajneesh

Swami Rajneesh received his name and calling from his philosopher/mystic guru Bhagwan Shri Rajneesh, whose path he has followed since 1981. After 30 years of rigorous practice, Swami Rajneesh finally stepped out onto the world stage with the publication of his own memoir and meditation guide, Tears of the Mystic Rose.  Ever since the Swami has been on the road year round, spreading the Bhagwan’s teachings across Europe, Asia and his own native India. He teaches the healing arts of stillness, totality and vertical awareness through taichi, vipassana, silent satsang and euphoric dance. With millions of visitors to his website and ever expanding audiences on the ground, he seems to be succeeding at his central mission of spreading love and life-changing insights to all who cross his path. For more on his global activities, visit his inspiring website here.

Rajneesh teaching in Russia