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John Brisbin

John Brisbin is the Managing Director of BoaB interactive, a boutique knowledge management consultancy serving Australia's research science and natural resource admin communities.

An avid student of complex information systems, John has worked as a solution designer and project manager for a wide variety of community, state and Commonwealth agencies, including 5 years with the pioneering Social Change Online team. After working with Udaipur-based NGO Jagran Jan Vikas Samiti in 2002, John completed a Masters in Social Ecology for his research into local food systems and went on to create the Australian Community Foods portal. (See John's interview on this inspiring project here.)

John subsequently served as Coordinator of Alice Springs' Arid Lands Environment Centre and Executive Officer of the Northern Territories Natural Resource Management Board in Darwin before moving on to Boab in Townsville with his attorney wife Caroline Lieber and luminous daughter Varsha Rose.

In addition to helping USW with project management and online strategy, John and Caroline are expected to draw on their eventful years with Culture Lab International and mantic maven network to add numinous epiphanies to the creative chaos on the ground.