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Piki Chappell

Piki Chappell has been a volcanic Theater 3.0 creative force for two decades now with a career stretching from San Francisco's rich underground art/music scene and Burning Man culture to the "cirque nouveau" renaissance of Montreal, Quebec. During his early West Coast years, Piki "the musician plus" churned out astonishing performances including pieces feauring his note-perfect inverted cello playing, flying pianos, and foot fretting a tuned 'musical' tightrope while playing it with a bow.

In Montreal he designed haunting new instruments and musical interludes for Cirque du Soleil shows, performed in many Cirque galas & premiers, and served for years as musical director of Circo de Bakuza. He has sung, DJed, and jammed with music greats around the world, and is currently turning his imaginative focus to Japan and India. He will be helping us design collaborative soundscapes for Udaipur performances and brilliant low-tech sensor arrays that allow dancers to trigger and "compose" their own music and light show accompaniment with their movements on the stage in real time.

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