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Pannalal PatelConfidant, ally and brother in organic arms, Sri Pannalal Patel was born into an ancient Mewari farming family and enriched his traditional knowledge trove with a 9-year education & development fellowship at Udaipur's renowned Shikshantar alternative education NGO. This internship eventually led him to a Bill Mollison-run permaculture certification session in Zambia and deep insights into the global significance of local initiatives that become contagious and inspire.

Ecologically committed Panallal has worked to spread the wisdom of organic grain, vegetable and herb farming among Udaipur's farmers and urban youth. He has also built rainwater harvesting units in Udaipur and is currently campaigning to raise ecological awareness within the surrounding panchayats (village administrative councils).

As a community educator he has helped produce local folk culture documentaries; hosted youth workshops on globalization & localization; organized children's art and theater events; and authored/edited 5 books on Mewari folklore that have been shared with nearly 2,000 families in 120 villages, as well as other communities working to regenerate their local languages.

Panallal is USW's go-to guy for regional agro-social issues and a bridge between our visiting experts and village leaders on the ground.

Inspecting vetiver seedlings before distribution to planting partners
Inspecting vetiver seedlings before
distribution to planting partners
Gobar tea testing
Pannalal-ji mixing "gobar chai",
a vermiculture nectar for our fields