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Udaipur Shakti Works Presents

A Place - 2 raw acres in an improbably magical locale to craft a global artistic conspiracy center, an eco-somatic healing/learning retreat and a garden of earthy delights
A Plan to evoke/publicize miracles: wonders of nature, marvels of art, prodigies of healing power
A Project to reunite the east/west gypsy spirit in a synergistic circus of epiphanous surprise
A Process to reopen the ancient channels between sensuality, vitality and societal advance
A Plot to overthrow the deadening rule of stuff with a spirited reign of juice and jazz
A Parade of virtuoso co-conspirators already here or ready to come and play and share
A Paradigm for sustainable living: healthy energies, passionate art & luxurious simplicity
A Pledge to share our pelf and premises with the struggling whiz kids of the town
A Pitch to those blessed with talents, wealth or other gifts to come and lend a hand

Developmental Elements

  • Performance themes: gypsy cirque nouveau, sensuous magic, primal virtuosity
      Musical themes: folk/jazz/sacred fusion, percussion, gypsy diaspora
  •     Educational Themes: dance/music, struggling kids, eco-somatic awareness
          Healing themes: herbal, energetic, pleasure principled
  •         Environmental themes: green tech, zero waste, sustainable ag & energy
              Architectural themes: rock, bamboo, canvas
                Landscape themes: permaculture, medicinal plants, Japanese sensibility


  • Create a high energy "strange attractor" art & healing lab in a beautiful mythic land
  • Offer a sensuous hothouse for artists and healers working to magnify their powers
  • Develop a sensually electric showcase for organic values and green ideas
  • Recruit and empower young talent irrespective of sex, race, class or caste
  • Nurture new performance forms and therapies for global propagation
  • Expose the archaic links between wonder, vitality and environmental health.

Specifically we're spending the next couple years building an interlocking performance/mind-body/ecology complex comprising:

- a circus arts school, performance venue, and roving AV studio;
- a healing center based on energy medicine, mind/body work & traditional Asian lore;
- a lovely, high-profile demo/research site for permaculture principles, medicinal plant gardening, and innovative green tech.

Some will quickly intuit the organic links between these initiatives and ye are the audience we seek here and hope to ultimately involve.