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If Japan ever gets around to creating a National Living Treasure award for dazzling polymaths of Japanese culture, Masaki Ueshima will be standing at the head of the candidate queue and no doubt laughing hilariously at the honor.  Gourmet Nihon-ryori chef, ikebana master, accomplished potter, and aesthetic savant, Masaki is also a terribly charming and funny gentleman. While we treasure him as a friend and ally for all his many gifts and enthusiasms, we introduce him here for his rather astonishing talents as a virtuouso Japanese garden designer. 

Give Masaki a few months, a source of wild rocks and reasonably comprehensive nursery and he can turn the most prosaic stretch of earth into a bonsai vision of paradise. The brief slide show below presents a very informal sampling of some of his more recent work in the US, Canada and Japan. He has just been introduced to the permaculture philosophy and has offered to help us develop our site in that spirit if we can find an interested and interesting permaculture design partner.