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Duncan Wong

Beatnik, hippie, punk rocker, motorcycle gang rider, street fighter, meditator, Kung Fu adept, Astanga Vinyasa yoga master. The ultimate experiential explorer Duncan Wong grew up hard and fast from San Francisco wild child roots and embraced all the high energy scenes he encountered. Casting his net wider for the past 30 years Duncan journeyed to China, India, Korea and Japan to train with hidden or famed teachers in ancient martial arts and healing body-mind disciplines. He abstracted the most naturally powerful movements and techniques from all these traditions and integrated them into a flowing holistic exercise ritual which he calls Yogic Arts. Duncan has shared his unique multi-disciplinary yoga with celebrities like Sting, Bjork, and Madonna as well as Balinese orphans and the street kids of L.A.  Yogic Arts, says Master Wong, basically reflect his own lifestyle which strives to remain wild and free and continuously expand the energetic delight of the body.

Duncan will both be visiting Udaipur for workshops and guidance as well as helping us integrate our performance, dance and healing worlds. For more on his path and precocious powers see YogicArts.com

Duncan in Motion