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Gunter NitschkeGünter Nistchke is by training a renowned architect, scholar and landscape designer. He has taught at MIT, Princeton, UCLA and Kyoto's Seika University and written scores of monographs and books on historical, aesthetic and spiritual aspects of Asian architecture and design.

By passion and predilection, however, Günter is also an uproarious iconoclast, who has spent great stretches of life battling dogma and stupidity, and devoted his knowledge, skill and insights to sparking a redeeming new round of evolutionary advance. His work and wisdom have inspired USW planning from the outset, since his vision unites a love of laughter and sensuous beauty with an eco-empathic embrace of sustainable green tech. In addition to ongoing work at his Institute for East Asian Architecture & Urbanism in Kyoto, Günter has conceived a new initiative to open sustainable architecture departments in universities around the world and will be beginning pilot projects shortly in Bali and Nepal. He will be helping us apply those same green principles to our Udaipur constructions and gleefully dousing us with his scathing wit if our goody-goodness gets too far out of hand.

Some of Günter's more popular recent work 
Japanese Gardens - Right Angles & Natural Form From Shinto to Ando: Studies in Architectural Anthropology in Japan The Silent Orgasm - from transpersonal to transparent consciousness

A taste of vintage Nitschke: "If we envisage a brighter future, we shall have to give birth to a completely new human being, and perhaps start with a completely new paradigm of education; we shall have to build completely new institutions for this education, including libraries. After centuries of sectarian bloodshed man had finally adopted a general principle of freedom of religion and of all kinds of socio-cultural philosophies; this principle failed miserably; we need freedom from religion, from all philosophical and so-called 'divine' teachings! We need light, directly...

"Architects are hardly equipped to create this new paradigm, but they can intuitively give birth to its new outer form and setting. It has been the role of the artist, more than of anyone else, to foresee and give form to new human growth through his work by intuition, not logic... An atmosphere of playfulness, not awe or indoctrination, is the hallmark of this new paradigm of educational facility: it is new in content, and new in outer form."

For more Nitschke wisdom, see also this rollicking interview from Kansai Window on his life and work in Japan.