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Suresh Pillai

Suresh Pillai recently finished a distinguished 3-year term as founding project head of the Diaspora Program at the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, where he made a heroic effort to highlight the marvelous and painful history of India's Roma/gypsy people as they journeyed through the world. Suresh was originally educated for and excelled in geo-political journalism working as a correspondent in Delhi, the West Indies, Canada, the Middle East, and Serbia. During these years he also mastered the arts of documentary film working with international firms like HBO on Once More Removed and Dutch Television on coverage of Indian minorities in the Caribbean. He went on to produce and direct his own moving works on overseas Indian communities, including Purano Manush, his most recent documentary on the plight of Roma/Gypsies in Kosovo, Serbia. As a cultural historian, Suresh also created the Arikamedu Museum Gallery to document archeological evidence from the Arikamedu Pondicherry sites that established their connections with the Roman Empire in the pre-Christian era. He will be working with USW less as a curator and more as a catalyst, however, striving to create a new "living museum" paradigm that not only celebrates Roma/Gypsy history and culture, it will also offer them a collaborative stage to define themselves and express their own amazing gifts in their own voices to the outside world.

Roma-gypsy diaspora paths